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Tesla Fridge FAQs

by Titus Ho 25 Oct 2023

Q: How does the fridge connect to power in Tesla Model Y and Model 3?

A: For Model Y, there is a power socket located on the left side of the rear trunk, which makes it quite easy to connect our Tesla Fridge. For Model 3, our fridge can get power from the front cigarette lighter of Model 3 via our 3-meter-long cable.

Q: Is Tesla Fridge compatible with any other charging methods?

A: Yes, Tesla Fridge is compatible with portable power stations, portable batteries, and other charging methods. However, it requires a voltage of DC 12/24V or AC 100-240VAC for proper operation.

Q: If I lock the car, will Tesla Fridge drain 12V battery quickly

A: As for the situation, you can set 12v battery voltage protection level on the panel of our product. There are three levels for your choice: H-M-L.

Q: Is Tesla Fridge compressor or thermoelectric?

A: Tesla Fridge is compressor.

Q: Can the Model 3 Tesla Fridge be used in other cars if it can run off a cigarette lighter?

A: Absolutely. Our fridge is designed to be universal, meaning that it can run off of the cigarette lighters found in both gas and electric cars.

Q: Why is the add-on of 193Wh battery only shipped to USA?

A: Due to shipping logistics, the 193Wh battery add-on is currently only available for shipment to the USA. However, our fridge is compatible with a variety of charging methods, including portable batteries and power stations, as long as they provide a voltage of DC 12/24V or AC 100-240VAC.

Q: How do I choose the variant/model I want?

A: We will send out a survey after our campaign ends. You can choose the variants/models you need in the survey system. *Please note that sub-trunk designs may differ due to different manufacturers, but the important thing is that we will modify our product to ensure all variants/models are covered.

Q: Can Tesla Fridge work for all night? And how about the power consumption?

A: Our fridge can work for 24 hours. The power consumption value is around 0.185-0.195 kWh/24h.Here we have conducted a series of tests to show that our fridge won’t cost much power.When the Sentry Mode is enabled, your car will be locked while the 12V battery continues to provide power, keeping our fridge running. We tested the fridge at a temperature of -2°C with Sentry Mode on, leaving it in the car for 12 hours overnight. Our results showed that the electricity consumption only decreased by 2%.This indicates that the main power consumption is not from our fridge but rather from the Sentry Mode drawing power from the car.

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